From the Jewish Food Hero Kitchen: Esther’s Nourishing Grain Bowl

To honor Purim this year, I wanted to create a dish specifically to honor Queen Esther. Hamantaschen are great but they do place all the focus on the story’s villain, Haman.  

In this day, with all the produce available to us and all the knowledge we have about the impact of our food choices, is it really necessary for us to focus our ceremonial eating on cookies? Who can feel good when they do?

I would rather focus on Queen Esther and make food to honor her and honor my own intentions for health at the same time. 

“What you focus on expands. So focus on what you want, not what you do not want.”

-Esther Jno-Charles

I find the Talmudic story of Queen Esther’s vegetarianism compelling and inspiring. (It appears in some manuscripts of Megillah 13b.) Queen Esther needed to keep the laws of kashrut while hiding her Jewish heritage, so vegetarianism was the perfect solution. Based on what we know today, it’s highly possible that her switch to eating more fruits, vegetables, tubers, legumes, and whole grains impacted how she felt in her body and in the world.

This delicious quinoa bowl for Queen Esther is very hearty and satisfying thanks to the plant-protein in the quinoa in lentils. Feel free to switch out the veggies for whatever you have on hand or with anything that’s seasonal and fresh.  The possibilities are endless. 

This recipe was inspired by the Grain Bowl idea.

The Jewish Food Hero Cookbook

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